Early Beechcraft Bonanza Parts For Sale.
Beechcraft Bonanza Model 35Beechcraft Bonanza


I have thousands of parts for the early model Beechcraft Model 35 Bonanza, including engines, engine parts, flight controls, carburetors, fuel system components, landing gear parts, motors, actuators, electrical parts, you name it. Please enter your needs in the form below.

Bendix PS5-C p/n 391583-5 pressure carburetor for the Continental E225-8, with the red diaphragms. $1000, plus shipping. 

ps5c/100_1198.JPG ps5c/100_1197.JPG ps5c/100_1196.JPG ps5c/100_1195.JPG
ps5c/100_1194.JPG ps5c/100_1193.JPG ps5c/100_1192.JPG ps5c/100_1191.JPG

 Beech 215 series propeller spinner and backing plates. Appear serviceable and no cracks. $500, plus shipping.

propspinner/000_0008.JPG propspinner/000_0007.JPG propspinner/000_0006.JPG propspinner/000_0005.JPG
propspinner/000_0004.JPG propspinner/000_0003.JPG propspinner/000_0002.JPG propspinner/000_0001.JPG

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